My own artwork is continuously inspired and informed by my work in the classroom. I am particularly passionate about creating integrated place-based education experiences for young learners. 

I am currently the Visual Art Teacher at Buckman Arts Focus Elementary School in Portland Public School District. In this position I regularly collaborate with a team of arts specialists to create integrated multi-art learning experiences for K-5 students. You can see more of this work at

Previously I worked as the STEAM Art Instructional Specialist at Boise-Eliot/Humboldt School, as the Art Teacher at Jason Lee K-8, as a Teaching Artist for The Right Brain Initiative, and as an Adjunct Professor of Art at Portland State University. My teaching career began at Pathfinder K-8 School, an alternative expeditionary-learning school in Seattle, which helped develop my early appreciation for interdisciplinary education and collaborative project development.

The images below link to pictures and descriptions of some of my past teaching residencies and projects. 


STEAM Integration

Boise-Elliot/Humboldt K-8 School- 2015-2017

Oregon Trail Landform Sculptures

Lincoln Street Elementary (4th grade) Residency 2013

Textured Tree Mural

Quatama Elementary (4th grade) Residency 2013

Take an Object//Leave an Object

Portland Art Museum Free Family & Community day 2013

How do artists show the water cycle?

Jackson Elementary (1st grade) Residency 2013

Light-up Wire Sculptures

Quatama Elementary (2nd grade) Residency 2013