Where I Go Walking is a series of 6 fabric pieces based on walks taken with 5 different residents/ interns at Art Farm, in Nebraska as well as a walk taken alone. I asked each participant to take me on their own tour of the farm, taking me perhaps on a habitual route or to places that had sentimental meaning to them. As we walked, I recorded our conversations and movements.Each piece was made from fabric gleaned at a Goodwill near the farm and each frame was made with wood found on the farm.

This project was born out of my interest in how I could navigate a new place through the memories and directions of others who lived there and knew it intimately. 

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  • Where I Go Walking

    Google map of all the walks, with points of interest plotted.

  • Where I go Walking

    Digital imagery from my walk with Cary, taken on site.

  • A Walk with Regina (detail)

  • A Walk with Regina (back view)

    detail of embroidery on the back of the piece

  • A Walk with Scott (w/ audio)

    Each quilted piece has a corresponding audio track that narrates the walk.

  • A Walk with Scott

    Digital image taken during my walk with Scott; work site by the wood shop.

  • A Walk with Cary, detail

  • Where I Go Walking

    Top Row, left to right: A walk with Judith, A walk with Regina, A walk with Scott. Bottom Row, left to right: A Walk with Ed, A walk with Cary, A Walk Alone.