Aug 12, 2011

Relevant Group Show @ Kimball Art Center, August 6 – September 11

RELEVANT 2011 SHOW August 6 – September 11, 2011 Main Gallery

The Kimball’s Relevant Artist-‐in-‐Residence program brings together a se-‐ lect group of talented undergraduate and graduate level art students from across the country. During the 10-‐day program, student artists are men-‐ tored by nationally acclaimed professional artists, attend workshops and round table discussions, and create an original work of art for the Kimball’s annual art auction. The RELEVANT 2011 SHOW features a diverse array of artwork by this year’s resident and mentor artists as well as past alums.

Participating Artists: Marin Abell, Michael Amici, Karen Cleveland, Ricardo de Sousa Costa, Andrew Davis, Sean Diediker, Mackenzie Donovan, Joel Fisher, Ryan Hughes, Tom Judd, Jeff Juhlin, Molly Kaderka, Wilson Lawrence, Ian Leinbach, R. Nelson Parrish, Nicole Penoncello, Stacy Phillips, Ryan Ruehlen, Lucy Slivinski, Justin Parisi-‐Smith, Tracey Snelling, Jared Steffensen, Ed Trask, Justin Wheatley

Opening Reception with the RELEVANT Artists Friday, August 5 from 6-‐9 p.m.